Publications & Links

Poems & Essay Links:

Essay: Dispatches from the Isle of Noise: A Coronavirus Diary (Waxwing 2020)


Interviews & Craft Essays (Under the name Lauren Brazeal):

Essay: The Power of Poetry on The Poetry Question (2020)

Essay: Block Schedule on My [Small Press] Writing Day (2018)

Interview on Exuviae on Speaking of Marvels (2017)

Interview on Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters on Carpe Noctem (2016)

“Success, Failure, Money” on Tell Tell Poetry (2016)

Full-length Books:

Gutter (Yes Yes Books, 2018) – Under the name Lauren Brazeal

Short Books / Chapbooks (Under the Name Lauren Brazeal):

Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters (Dancing Girl Press, 2016)

Exuviae (Horse Less Press,2016)

List of Individual Work in Print 

Poetry Northwest “Portage” (Forthcoming in 2022)

List of Individual Work in Print Under the name Lauren Brazeal:

Waxwing “Dispatches from the Isle of Noise: A Coronavirus Diary” (June 2020)

Lunch Ticket “Waorani Legend (With Appropriation)” (Spring 2020)

Verse DailyCradle Song For the Girl Not Yet Homeless” (Winter 2018)

Barrelhouse Online “From the Files of the EVP Transcriber, Session #7: Anna Nicole Smith” (April 2017)

Forklift, Ohio “Robby Took Bets to See When I’d Get Off My High Horse and Start Eating Trash” (Winter 2016)

Smartish Pace “How to Train Your Pony Up” (June 2016)

Heavy Feather Review  “EVP Recording Session #224: Lifelong Hotline Psychic”, “EVP Recording Session #63: The Woman Possessed”, “EVP Recording Session #1: The Original Poltergeist Recalls” (April 2016)

The Fem “Cherry-Baby” (originally published in Painted Bride Quarterly) and “When We Were Homeless” (originally published in Thumbnail Review) (April 2016) 

Barrelhouse Blog: Weird Love “To Jennifer Love-Hewitt: I Saw You at Fendi Last Week–I Was the Little Mohawked Squatter Punk Panhandler” (February 2016)

Thank You For Swallowing “The Road Not Taken: A Palimpsest” (January 2016) 

TNY Press’ The Electronic Encylopedia of Experimental Literature  “Instructions for Capturing the Driving Man” (January 2016)

Rain, Party, & Disaster Society “Overuse Language Enough and the Form Becomes”  (July 2015)

DIAGRAM “Pony Expressionism” (July 2015) – pushcart nomination

Thank You for Swallowing  “The Sneaky F***” (originally published in Entartete Kunst Literary Review) (June 2015)

Entartete Kunst Literary Review,  “Dear Spring”, “Dear Winter”, “The Sneaky F***”, “Hang Mioku Becomes the Moon” (May 2015)

Painted Bride Quarterly “Germ, [We’re Huddled in the Dark]”, and “Cherry-Baby” (December 2012) 

Thumbnail Review “Promenade” & “When We Were Homeless” (originally printed by Folio (under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2012)

Salamander “Mouse: First the Desert…”, “Planetary” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2007)

Natural Bridge “White House, Grey Shutters, Rose bush”, “Germ: I want to speak…” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (Fall 2007)

Folio  “Stern” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (Winter 2007)

Verse Daily “Vapor” (Originally published in Pebble Lake Review Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2006)

Pebble Lake Review “Vapor”  (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2006)

Failbetter The Patient Has a Moment Alone” and “My Winter” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2006)

Convergence “Deer Comes to Eat Berries…” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2006)

2River View “Non-linear Dynamics”, and “Some Chickens”  (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2005)

Facets Magazine “Prostitute” (Under the name Lauren Mitchell) (2005)

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