Publications & Links

Links to Representative Work in Print:

Flash-Fiction: Into Something Rich and Strange  Anti-heroin Chic (2022)

Essay: Dispatches from the Isle of Noise: A Coronavirus Diary Waxwing (2020)

Poem: Cradle Song for the Girl Not Yet Homeless Verse Daily (2019)

Full-length Books:

Gutter (Yes Yes Books, 2018) – Under the name Lauren Brazeal

Short Books / Chapbooks:

Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte: I Was Here, Release Me (Forthcoming from Tram Editions, 2023)

Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters (Dancing Girl Press, 2016) – Under the name Lauren Brazeal

Exuviae (Horse Less Press, 2016) – Under the name Lauren Brazeal

List of Individual Work in Print (Some under the name Lauren Brazeal)

Cobra Milk “Howl” – fiction – (forthcoming 2023)

Rio Grande Review “Say Nothing” – fiction – (forthcoming 2023)

Fourteen Hills “La Santa Muerte as Herself” – poetry – (forthcoming 2023)

Always Crashing Voice from the Decomposed Carousel”, “Devil”, “Deer Hunter’s Voice Tangled in a Neches River Cottonwood”, and “Interview with Henry Lee Lucas” – poetry – (forthcoming 2023)

Turn a Phrase The Original Poltergeist Remembers” and “Partial Interview with Judy Garland (reincarnated as Mount Kilauea)” – poetry – (forthcoming 2023)

Gone Lawn “Interview with a Voice Within an Abandoned Adult Care Facility” – poetry – (2023)

Meow Meow Pow Pow “Woman on the Eve of Her Dismemberment” – poetry – (2023)

Lumiere Review “At Least, My Dear” – fiction – (2022)

Heavy Feather Review “Possession” – fiction – (2022)

Anti-Heroin Chic “Into Something Rich and Strange” – fiction – (August 2022)

Poetry Northwest “Portage” – poetry – (Summer/Fall 2022)

Waxwing “Dispatches from the Isle of Noise: A Coronavirus Diary” – lyric prose – (June 2020)

Lunch Ticket “Waorani Legend (With Appropriation)” – poetry – (Spring 2020)

Verse DailyCradle Song For the Girl Not Yet Homeless” – poetry – (Winter 2018)

Barrelhouse Online “From the Files of the EVP Transcriber, Session #7: Anna Nicole Smith” – poetry – (April 2017)

Forklift, Ohio “Robby Took Bets to See When I’d Get Off My High Horse and Start Eating Trash” – poetry – (Winter 2016)

Smartish Pace “How to Train Your Pony Up” – poetry – (June 2016)

Heavy Feather Review  “EVP Recording Session #224: Lifelong Hotline Psychic”, “EVP Recording Session #63: The Woman Possessed”, “EVP Recording Session #1: The Original Poltergeist Recalls” – poetry – (April 2016)

The Fem “Cherry-Baby” (originally published in Painted Bride Quarterly) and “When We Were Homeless” (originally published in Thumbnail Review) – poetry – (April 2016) 

Barrelhouse Blog: Weird Love “To Jennifer Love-Hewitt: I Saw You at Fendi Last Week–I Was the Little Mohawked Squatter Punk Panhandler” – poetry – (February 2016)

Thank You For Swallowing “The Road Not Taken: A Palimpsest” – poetry – (January 2016) 

TNY Press’ The Electronic Encylopedia of Experimental Literature  “Instructions for Capturing the Driving Man” – poetry – (January 2016)

Rain, Party, & Disaster Society “Overuse Language Enough and the Form Becomes” – poetry –  (July 2015)

DIAGRAM “Pony Expressionism” – poetry – (July 2015) – pushcart nomination

Thank You for Swallowing  “The Sneaky F***” – poetry – (originally published in Entartete Kunst Literary Review) (June 2015)

Entartete Kunst Literary Review,  “Dear Spring”, “Dear Winter”, “The Sneaky F***”, “Hang Mioku Becomes the Moon” – poetry – (May 2015)

Painted Bride Quarterly “Germ, [We’re Huddled in the Dark]”, and “Cherry-Baby” – poetry – (December 2012) 

Thumbnail Review “Promenade” & “When We Were Homeless” – poetry – (2012)

Salamander “Mouse: First the Desert…”, “Planetary” – poetry – (2007)

Natural Bridge “White House, Grey Shutters, Rose bush”, “Germ: I want to speak…” – poetry – (Fall 2007)

Folio  “Stern” – poetry – (Winter 2007)

Verse Daily “Vapor” – poetry – (2006)

Pebble Lake Review “Vapor” – poetry – (2006)

Failbetter The Patient Has a Moment Alone” and “My Winter” – poetry – (2006)

Convergence “Deer Comes to Eat Berries…” – poetry – (2006)

2River View “Non-linear Dynamics”, and “Some Chickens” – poetry – (2005)

Facets Magazine “Prostitute” – poetry – (2005)

Interviews & Craft Essays (Under the name Lauren Brazeal):

Essay: The Power of Poetry on The Poetry Question (2020)

Essay: Block Schedule on My [Small Press] Writing Day (2018)

Interview on Exuviae on Speaking of Marvels (2017)

Interview on Zoo for Well-Groomed Eaters on Carpe Noctem (2016)

“Success, Failure, Money” on Tell Tell Poetry (2016)

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