Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte: I Was Here Release Me

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An assemblage of otherworldly interviews with ghosts and other paranormal entities. Within this collection, the devil seeks meaningful connections, a haunted house mourns its dismemberment, the moon gives her testimony, and lady death herself weighs in on what it means to be alive.


“Lauren Brazeal Garza’s Santa Muerte, Santa Muerte: I was Here, Release Me is a dark and fascinating exploration of the voices of the dead. These poems are imaginative and surprising in both form and content: Judy Garland is reincarnated as a mountain and the atomic bomb “Little Boy” speaks as a Musk Thistle plant in pieces that eerily command the white space on the page, while other spirits, like that of a decomposing carousel horse, speak in sonnets. This book is as delightful as it is haunting. I dare you to read it.”

– Logen Cure (Author of Welcome to Midland)