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Think we might work well together? I have over a decade of experience as a freelance editor and writing coach. I offer a variety of services including manuscript consultation,  writing coaching, vocabulary expansion, and creativity coaching. My clients have ranged from tenured professors to high school freshmen, from veteran novelists to MFA program applicants, with many successfully publishing the manuscripts we worked on together. See my general pricing guidelines below (all are subject to negotiation):

Poetry and Critical Prose:

Application Length MS (10 pages): $150

Chapbook Length MS (15-40 pages): $250

Book Length MS (48-70 pages): $350

$7 per individual page for manuscripts of 70+ pages

Creative prose: $150 for the first 10,000 words, $100 per additional 10,000 words

For each manuscript, I assess narrative arc and character development (if applicable), syntax, form, and transitions. I look for both strengths on which to build and weaknesses which may need some TLC. Each of us has a unique writing style, and part of my job is to encourage this in the work of my clients. Of course, copyediting is also part of what I do when reading a manuscript. My goal is to help your words achieve their most polished possible state.

My turn-around varies from several weeks for shorter manuscripts, to a month for longer manuscripts depending on scheduling. I teach full time, so turn-around is always quicker during summer months when I’m not instructing.

Coaching for professionals: $55 per hour, minimum 5-hour initial purchase.

I’ve helped professionals both in the private sector and academia learn to write more compelling, clear, thoughtful prose. Coaching for professionals includes write-to-learn exercises, vocabulary expansion, language puzzles, and free-association exercises designed for advanced writers who would like to significantly build upon their already established writing skills.

Coaching for students: $35 per hour, minimum 5-hour initial purchase.

I am a certified ELA teacher with AP and ESL certifications in the state of Texas. I have five years of experience teaching high school English and have taught 6 college-level writing courses. Student coaching includes write-to-learn exercises, vocabulary-building games, language puzzles, and free-association exercises, reading comprehension exercises, and a basic review of material generally covered on state standards (when applicable) designed for those still mastering the nuances of written communication.

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