Course Offering – Writing Through Metaphor: A Generative Poetry Workshop

I can’t wait to teach this new course at Writing Workshops in April!

During our four weeks together we’ll discover the craft of writing compelling metaphors within our poems and discuss how symbols and images in poetry can lead us to larger truths about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

Each session will feature a discussion of metaphor within one famous poem, an exploration of different approaches to crafting our own metaphors, and a generative prompt that encourages a new approach or technique.

In addition to discussing metaphor, we will also be writing new poems, and offering supportive feedback on one another’s poems each week during the workshop portion of our meetings.

I love to think of these workshops as inclusive, nurturing incubators. My favorite part is watching my students grow as writers and create exciting new poetry!

There’s still a few spots left! Come write with me!

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