Upcoming Presentation on Testimonio & Testimonial Literature

I can’t wait to present for UT Dallas’s Graduate Student Speaker Series. I’ll be discussing Latin American testimonio, the evolution of testimonial literature in the US, and how my creative dissertation, Texan Gothic, examines these genres by building a narrative that uses ghosts as metaphors for the subaltern and a “hauntologist” and EVP transcriber as a metaphor for outsider academics attempting to “give a voice to the voiceless” in literature.

I feel extra fortunate, too, because this will be my second time presenting at UT Dallas’s Graduate Student Speaker Series. I was lucky to get to discuss my long-term translation & oral history project, working with the indigenous Waorani Nation in Amazonian Ecuador a few years ago. While my work in Amazonía ongoing, I’m thrilled and very honored to be able to discuss my dissertation this time for the series!

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