Course Offering- Memories in Verse: Writing our Experiences as Poems

I’m SO excited to announce I’ll be teaching a 4-week online course through Writing Workshops Dallas starting in February 2023. I can’t wait to meet my students and lead this exploration of memories as poems.

Now more than ever, poetry allows us to speak of our own experiences on our terms. Unlike prose-based memoir, which is often preoccupied with the facts of an event, or when things take place on a timeline, the poetry of memory can instead focus on the feelings and senses of a memory’s architecture, and the unique ways our memories connect to one another.

In this four-week Zoom course, we will study and discuss techniques used by a variety of poets who have written their own stories and experiences in interesting ways. Students will also draft one poem each week that experiments with sharing a memory or experience and receive weekly feedback from me.

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